Friday, July 19, 2013

DINA agents sentenced for the murders of Alejandro de la Barra Villaroel and Anna Maria Puga Rojas

Alejandro De la Barra Villaroel
The Santiago Court of Appeals has convicted six DINA agents for their role in the murder of MIR militants Alejandro De la Barra Villaroel, age 24, political scientist, and his wife Ana Maria Puga Rojas, age 25, professor and actress. The detention and death occurred on December 3, 1974, when DINA agents fired shots at the couple after intercepting their car at the crossroads Andacollo and Avenida Francisco Bilbao. Both had been monitored since October 3, 1974, when the agents discovered Alejandro and Ana Maria had a son who attended kindergarten in Providencia. Their bodies were taken to Villa Grimaldi and transferred to Servicio Medico Legal to conduct autopsies, after which the victims' remains were released to their families.

The following DINA agents were convicted:

Manuel Contreras - 15 years and 1 day for responsibility of the murder.

Marcelo Moren Brito - 15 years and 1 day for both murders.

Ana Maria Puga Rojas
Ricardo Lawrence Mires - 15 year and 1 day for both murders.

Pedro Espinoza Bravo - 15 years and 1 day for both murders.

Jaime Eduardo Astorga - 10 years and 1 day for his role as accomplice to both murders.

Miguel Krassnoff Martchenko - 5 years and 1 day for assuming responsibility of the cover-up of both murders.


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