Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Former DINA officials charged with the murder of Littré Abraham Quiroga Carvajal

littre quiroga carvajal
 Littré Abraham Quiroga Carvajal
Judge Miguel Vasquez Plaza from the Santiago Court of Appeals has charged six former DINA agents with the murder of Littré Abraham Quiroga Carvajal. Quiroga, the director of prisons during Salvador Allende's government, was allegedly murdered by the same agents responsible for Victor Jara's murder.

Hugo Sanchez Marmonti stands accused of murder, while Raul Jofre Gonzales, Edwin Dimter Bianchi, Jorge Smith Gumucio, Nelson Haase Mazzei and Ernesto Bethke Wulf are accused of complicity. The accused, who were granted bail in the early stages of the case pertaining to Victor Jara's murder, have been notified of the charges.

Quiroga was detained on September 11, 1973 by a police patrol and transferred to the Estadio Chile (later named Estadio Victor Jara), which fell under the administration of various military units, including the Tejas Verdes, Esmeralda and Valparaiso regiments.

Quiroga was recognised by military personnel within the enclosure and, like Victor Jara, was singled out for brutal torture. Having been questioned between September 13 and September 16 by a military prosecutor, Quiroga  and Victor Jara were separated from the rest of the detainees and murdered by officials from the Tejas Verdes contingent. According to the autopsy, forensic and ballistic reports, Quiroga was shot at least 23 times. His body, exhibiting signs of torture, was dumped next to the Cemeterio Metropolitano and discovered by people living in the vicinities.

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