Thursday, October 10, 2013

Former DINA agents indicted for the kidnapping of Maria Ines Alvarado Borgel

Four DINA agents - Manuel Contreras Sepulveda, Miguel Krassnoff Martchenko, Marcelo Moren Brito and Basclay Zapata Reyes were indicted by judge Leopoldo Llanos from the Santiago Court of Appeals, for the kidnapping and disappearance of Maria Ines Alvarado Borgel.

Maria Ines Alvarado Borgel, secretary and MIR militant, was detained on July 15, 1974 in the afternoon while walking with her friend and transferred to Londres 38. She was briefly released and allowed to return to her family after being subjected to severe torture. Following the temporary release, her family was placed under house arrest.

On July 25, 1974, Maria Ines was once again detained and taken to Londres 38 for additional interrogation and torture. According to witnesses, she was last seen on August 2 1974. Her name appears in the list of the 119 disappeared militants - a victim of Operacion Colombo.

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